For all those keen beans out there, I have decided to post next weeks homework now so that it will be ready for everyone straight away on Monday.

LITERACY: last week we were practising how to find information on bugs using the internet and other non-fiction texts and also how to use our notes to prepare a presentation on what we had found out using our own words. Can you now carry out your own research on the midge? Find out five fascinating facts about the midge and post what you have found out a comment.

NUMERACY: to find the perimeter of an object you have to measure the distance around the outside of the entire shape. Can you find the perimeter of something in your house e.g. A rug, your door 🚪 the tv 📺 post what you measured and its perimeter.

IDL: Share your FRIENDSHIP key assessment task with someone at home. Ask them to complete the family comment section and return to school by Thursday.